What is Wall Plants or Vertical Gardens| How to Care for it

What is Wall Plants or Vertical Gardens| How to Care for it

Humans have always had a close connection with the plant world, and that is why we have a natural liking for green spaces. We all love to see beautiful plants and flowers around, but our areas have become more closed and compact with changing lifestyles, and we have less open space for plants.

The solution for this problem is vertical wall plants. So don’t be disappointed if you do not have enough open space for a garden or your small apartment cannot accommodate pots and planters around. You can maintain beautiful vertical wall plants with some fantastic wall plant ideas from us.

A vertical garden is an excellent eco-friendly decor for your home that you can keep in any room you wish. We will also tell you the best wall plants names that you can plant in your vertical garden.

How do you make a living plant wall?

So, now we know we can make a vertical garden to beautify our home along with satisfying our need for greens. But now the question is, how do you make a living plant wall?

I won’t say it’s easy to maintain a vertical garden. However, you can have a beautiful green wall at your home or workplace with regular care and maintenance.

How do you maintain a green wall?

As I said, it’s not easy to maintain a vertical garden, but don’t be disappointed. We will tell you how to maintain a green wall at home or workplace by sharing some of the best wall plants names, wall plants ideas, and wall plants design that will surely help you in making a striking vertical garden.

For offices and other large-scale set-ups, there are several companies that provide professional assistance and services for the installation and maintenance of vertical gardens. One of the leaders in this field being Ambius. They not just install green walls but also provide maintenance services to offices and companies.

The green walls can either be panels of plants that are free standing or several planters attached to a concrete wall. Just like constructing a building, green wall installation also requires proper planning and step by step construction.

For homes or small scale set-ups, however, you won’t need to contact Ambius. You can do the job yourself! All you need is some light weight planters, planting medium (soil/peat/compost or a combination of them or just water for hydroponic plants), some plants of your choice, and a wall.

If the wall is exposed to natural light, then it’s great. If it’s not, then it’s okay too; you can go with plants that need low light. (Read my post on low maintenance indoor plants)

Wall Plants or Vertical Gardens
What is Wall Plants or Vertical Gardens| How to Care for it

Wall plants design

Designing is the first step to set-up a vertical garden in your space.

1. You first need to choose the space or wall where you want to set up the vertical garden. It can be the outside of your home or inside.

2. Outside vertical garden is exposed to natural light, so you can choose plants and planting medium suitable for outdoor gardening. However, you need to install a sound watering system that does not affect the space and material adversely. There should be proper drainage so that the water does not stand, making the walls damp.

3. For indoor wall plants design hydroponic plants or air plants are the best choice since they are low maintenance and you won’t have to worry about the drainage system.

4. Choose planters as per the size of the wall, location, and type of plant. The type of planter is an essential aspect of wall plants design. If the size of your vertical garden is large, you can opt for large wall planters and choose plants accordingly. However, if the size is small, go for small planters and air plants.

5. There is a vast collection of wall planters available for you to choose from online and in the market. Check out this link.

Wall plant names

Here I am going to list out a few wall plants suitable for an indoor vertical garden. These are low maintenance and easy to grow indoor wall plants and will enhance your home decor.

1. Golden Pothos

Also known as the Money plant, Golden Pothos is an excellent choice for an indoor vertical garden. It can be planted both in soil and water and needs indirect light. It can thrive in less light.

2. Sword ferns

These are very common in vertical gardens and can be grown in hanging planters. They can survive in low to medium light. Though they need regular watering and constantly moist soil, however, overwatering can damage the roots.

3. Air plants

Air plants are magical and my personal favorite. These tiny wonders come in a large variety of species and do not need any planting medium. You just need to soak them in normal water every few days, and they are happy. They absorb nutrients through leaves from the air and need bright indirect light.

4. Herb plants

Herb plants are an excellent choice for your kitchen area. Mint is the best for low light areas. You can also go for basil or parsley if there is partial shade. At the same time, herbs like Cilantro need bright light.

5. Outdoor Wall Plants

For an outdoor vertical garden, you have a number of choices such as English Ivy, Geranium flowers, Peace lily, etc. These thrive well in bright and direct light and look very beautiful. Outdoor wall plants also help in reducing the temperature inside and absorb noise as well.

So, why don’t you give it a try and make a unique vertical garden for yourself? Check out the links we shared to shop for planters, pots, and plants and beautify your home with wall plants. Let us know how it goes!

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