Green Cure Fungicide for Plants

Green cure fungicide for plants

Fungal infection is widespread in the plant world; however, the harsh chemical fungicides cause other damages to plants and are harmful to the environment. As a solution to this, we have Green cure fungicide on the market.

Green Cure Fungicide for Plants

Green cure fungicide contains 85% potassium bicarbonate powder which is approved to be safe for organic gardening. Potassium bicarbonate is a natural compound widely used not just for plants but also in food and is absolutely safe. Green cure fungicide is effective on mold, mildew spores, and a number of fungal infections.

  1. Green cure fungicide is safe and suitable for indoor plants and hydroponics as well.
  2. Since it’s a natural compound, it’s free from uncomfortable chemical smell so that it won’t irritate your pets or other family members.
  3. Green cure fungicide is perfect for organic gardening due to being natural.
  4. Its protection can last up to 2 weeks, so it is cost-effective as well.
  5. Available in the market in 8 oz size, and each pack can make up to 16 gallons of spray (1 gallon = 4 liters approx).
  6. 1 gallon of spray can cover 450 sq ft area.

How do you use GreenCure fungicide?

If you catch the disease in the initial stage, use 2 tbsp Green Cure fungicide powder in 1 gallon of water; for fast results, use 2-3 times a month until the disease disappears. If you live in a humid area or humidity is high due to weather conditions, then use Green cure fungicide more frequently because moisture causes the infection quickly.

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