Einstein oil: Best Organic Pest Control Product for Plants and Trees

Einstein oil: Best organic pest control product for plants and trees

Einstein oil (Neem Oil )is one of the best and most effective organic pest control products that can be used on any plant. It’s 100% non-toxic cold-pressed neem oil of the finest quality.

Einstein oil: Best Organic Pest Control Product for Plants and Trees
Einstein oil

Neem oil is extracted from the Neem tree, which is native to Nigeria and the Indian sub-continent and is also known as Indian Lilac. This is one of the most healthy trees globally that can be used from roots to fruit, and every part has its health benefits for all living beings.

Einstein oil is prepared specially for plants as an organic alternative to harmful pest control chemicals. There are several benefits of using Einstein oil in your garden.

  1. Einstein oil is 100% non-toxic, so it’s absolutely safe for pets, kids and adults.
  2. It can safely be used indoors and outdoors.
  3. Though its medicinal effects are long-lasting on plants, it does not stay in the air for long like other aerosol pest repellents.
  4. Einstein oil is cold-pressed for high quality. The cold press method does not use any chemicals or heat to extract oil from the fruit, maintaining the best quality.
  5. The concentrate in Einstein oil is easy to mix, so you can easily use it in your garden.
  6. The packaging of Einstein oil comes in a 4oz and 16oz pack.

How to use Einstein oil (Neem Oil )

Mix up to 2 tsp Einstein oil in 1 quart of water. (1 quart is approx 30 oz or 1 liter). You can also add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid and fill the mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray the Einstein oil mixture on leaves, bark, soil anywhere you feel as it’s absolutely safe and very effective on pests. Einstein oil also acts as a very good leaf shiner.

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