10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care

10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care

1. Arrowhead is a beautiful houseplant with usually light green and sometimes white and green arrow-shaped leaves. The native land of this plant is Latin America, however, it has now become natural to places like West Indies, Florida, Texas and Hawaii as well.

10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care
10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care

2. Though the scientific name of the Arrowhead plant is Syngonium podophyllum, however, some of the popular names of this plant are  Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, American evergreen, African Evergreen, Goosefoot, Five fingers etc.

arrowhead plant in water
Arrowhead plant in water

3. Arrowhead plant is basically a vine that grows on the trunk of trees in the tropical jungle. In the house garden, it can be grown in hanging pots or trained on poles or sticks for support. It can also be grown as a creeper on the ground in humus soil. The ones with pinkish or whitish coloured leaves need a good amount of light, however, green-leaved arrowheads can sustain in darker places or indoors.

arrowhead plant care 4
10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care

4. Arrowhead does not require too much watering as it may lead to rotten roots. In summers, watering 2-3 times a week is adequate and in winters mild spraying will work. Make sure to wipe clean the leaves when dusty for easy breathing. Though Arrowhead loves moist soil but needs rest which can be given by letting it dry between 2 waterings. Also, some amount of fertilizers in Summers is a good idea for the growth of Arrowhead Plants.

5. Cutting or rather trimming is another important thing the Arrowhead plant needs. If not trimmed periodically the plant will grow like an unattractive bush so it’s advisable to shape it as per your liking. If you want it to vine up, tie it to a pole or stick. You can also grow it in a hanging pot. If you like bushes around your garden you just need to cut down the climbing branches to keep Arrowhead down and look like a bush.

arrowhead plant care 2
10 Best Tips for Arrowhead Plant Care 2

6. Arrowhead is a beautiful and not so difficult to care plant to have in your home garden. There are a variety of Arrowhead from pink, reddish-white to light green and dark green which you can choose as per your liking. Green ones are easier to care for because they need less light and less water as compared to pink and white ones.

7. Arrowhead is also an excellent natural air purifier for indoors. It can reduce many pollutants even some of the volatile organic compounds and also few microbes. With Arrowhead inside your room, you would also not need a humidifier which eases common cold symptoms.

types of arrowhead plants
types of arrowhead plants

8. Those who believe in Feng Shui and Ying Yang energy concept say that Arrowhead encourages positive chi at home. Arrowheads five points leaves represent 5 elements of nature and the plant symbolizes, youth, spring and new ideas that can fill you with positive energy to perform better at work or even at home.

9. Arrowhead is one of the most versatile plants which can shape up at your convenience. You can plant the miniatures to beautify your work desk or put them in hanging pots for your terrace garden. The plant can be grown on the ground like creepers, or deep pots using poles or sticks for support. You can even plant it in water.

10. With a little care and love Arrowhead can grow just as per your wish and beautify your home, garden or workplace and give comfort to your eyes and overall health as well.

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